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Safe Trauma Recovery: “Putting on the Brakes” Babette uses a simple bottle of Coca Cola to demonstrate that containment is a necessary friend of safe trauma recovery.

 (Watch this space, more demonstrations coming soon!)



Dual Awareness for treating PTSD, excerpt from longer interview with Linda Curran

Following is a complete interview series concerning Babette’s book, 8 Keys to Safe Trauma Recovery, with Michael Gavin from

Safe Trauma Recovery

Key #1, Plot Your Course with Mindfulness

Key #2, Begin with Your Epilogue, Part 1   Part 2

Key #3, Remembering is Not Required

Key #4, Stop Flashbacks

Key #5.a, Forgive Your Limitations

Key #5.b, Share Your Shame

Key #6, Take Smaller Steps

Key #7, Get Moving

Key #8, Make Lemonade

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